There is limited Internet information available about the early years of the PICONET. The information suggests the NET grew out of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club... 'Many of the club activities during the 1950's focused on Civil Defense preparedness. Rochester amateurs were involved in the formation of the Minnesota RACES organization in 1951. Early in 1960, three weeks before a National Civil Defense Alert, Milt Miller (W0TJA) was asked to set up an amateur radio network to participate in the alert. On September 25, 1960, the name PICONET was selected as the name of the net.

Below are photo submitted from early PICONET/ Handi-Ham gatherings and links to additional information. Our thanks to those submitting these photos and information. If you have articles, photos or additional information you would like to share, please contact me at k0cn@arrl.net.

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Early Handihams - PICONET Connections
PICONET and Handihams
Karl Koppelman WA0TFC
Bob Kading KA0KOT
PICONET Net Control List (download XL file)

PICONET Charter Certificate July 21, 1974, PICONET Picnic
Todd Park,
Austin, MN
Below - December 1975
PICONET/Handi-Hams Meeting. Eagles Lodge, Faribault, MN
Certificate 1974 PICONET Group Pat Helen and Loran Helen and Group
A charter member certificate issued to John, WA0DGW. 1963 Leroy WA0YVT
Casper WA0VAS
Harold W0MOW
Helen WB0HOX
Agnas WB0DBD
Pat AF0O
Helen WB0HOX
Loran WA0QIT
Helen WB0HOX
Loran and Edna Casper Ken, First manager Jerry
Loran WA0QIT
Edna "Eddy" N0YL
Casper WA0VAS
Ken W8AXL One of the first (if not the first) PICONET managers. Jerry WB0FMI
Annandale, MN
Jerry WB0LBO WA0JPR Roy Marty and Big John
Jerry WB0LDO
Union Hill, MN
Marty W9AES
"Big John"